Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013

Becoming an independent learner; is it important?

Alexander B. Koroh

Of course it is important to become an independent learner. I think this should attract maximum attention of every element of the communities and governments particularly the educational agencies which provide educational curriculums for every stage of education. This means, the atmosphere and condition of learning processes should provide and maintain a robust stage which supports and encourages every learner to explore the knowledge, expertise, skill, and experience by themselves. Teachers, lecturers, and educators play their roles mainly as a facilitator and mediator. But it is important alsothat educational agencies to provide the methods, approaches and facilities that provoke and support the learners to move forward to be an independent learner.

In connection with methods, I guess the constructivist approach should be introduced and conducted at all levels of education. This approach provides space and ways in which learners freely and independently form the theories and formulas that have been existed. Thus the learners will explore their experiences, potencies and then find the theories, concepts and formulas in connection with the discussed topics. In other words, the creativity and innovation of the learners to find the points and elements of the theories, concepts, and formulas arefound early by the learners then the teachers and lecturers explain and confirm the theories, concepts, and formulas based in the theories, concepts, and formulas that have been existed.

Another example in terms of facilities, the library should become the centre stage of educational institutions. Hence the library needs to be constructed and managed well so that it can meet the needs and satisfactions of the costumers/learners. For instance, the libraries in New Zealand are very well managed, if a learner wants to borrow a certain book from the library and the book is not yet provided, then the staff of the library will contact other libraries which have the book, and then the asking library will get the book for its costumer.

A proverb acclaims “Every person we meet is a teacher, and every place we visit is a school.” This wise word explains that every person has a potential to become an independent learner, since naturally the environment where a person exists at provides sufficient condition for every learner to achieve certain values from it. Therefore, building a learning character that wants to acquire knowledge should be properly developed by educational institutions and educational stakeholders.
To be an independent learner is pretty important; because an independent learner does not stop learning after finishing his/her study at certain institutions. Thus an indipendent learner it could be said is always on the right trackt in enhancing, widening, and updating his/her knowledge, skill, and expertise. Furthermore, having recent knowledge, skill, and expertiseassist independent leaners to make a good ajustment with the environment which uncertain, and change in a very quick pace. Therfore, it could be argued that independent learners are capable to contribute positively and constructively to the achievements of the desired outcomes of communities. This means that exactely robust communities, healthy organizations, and progresive institutions at every level, and every sector pretty need independent learners. It is crucially vital to provide space and time for every individual to become an independent learner.

To sum up, it is a moral obligation for individulas, communities, and educational institutions to create a conducive sircumstance for the development of indipendent learners. The existence of independent learners can enhance and maintain a good performance of certain organizations. At the same time, independent learners will help communities to increase and endure a robust societal life amngst all the member of communities. 

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